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  • gooood archive: “Guangdong” NO.2 (2017-2018)

    Selected projects in Guangdong, China in 2017-2018

    gooood archive: “Shanghai” NO.2 (2012-2018)

    Selected projects in Shanghai, China in 2012-2018

    (北京)gooood – 編輯 / 實習生編輯


    gooood archive: “Beijing ” NO.6 (2015-2018)

    Selected projects in Beijing (2015-2018)

    gooood archive:museums in China

    Selected Museums in China

    Get-project information

    (Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

    gooood archive: hotels in China

    Selected Hotels in China

    (杭州/上海/南京/北京)GOA 大象設計 – 項目經理 / 資深建筑設計師 / 建筑設計師 / 助理建筑師 / 規劃設計師 / 景觀設計師 / 結構工程師 / 給排水工程師 / 暖通工程師 / 電氣工程師 / 資深室內設計師 / BIM設計師 / 項目助理 / 客戶經理 / 建筑設計實習生 / 品牌實習生


    MINI LIVING Urban Cabin – Pavilion no.10 in China House Vision by MINI Living & Sun Dayong

    A house provides view to the surrounding scenery as well as childhood memories.

    Hedge bar by Urban Stream Architects & Design

    Rich visual perception creates a space suitable for movement

    Plugin House plugs into Harvard and Boston City Hall by People Architecture

    Sustainable building improve the spare land

    Concrete Vessel – Pavilion no.1 in China House Vision by FCJZ & Haier

    A light concrete house

    Construction Breaks Ground on MAD’s “Quzhou Sports Campus”

    A poetic landscape that falls somewhere between that of Earth and Mars

    Art Intervention Fifteen stones (Ryo?an-ji) by Spencer Finch

    Zen garden stimulates modern thinking

    Workshop on a Cliff by MU Architecture

    Perched in the heights of the Laurentians

    Stouffville Residence by Trevor McIvor Architect Inc

    A modern rural country home outside Toronto

    Shita-machi Brewery HIKOBE by SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects

    To create a “micro public network” that can update local landscape and history as a future lifestyle platform with sequence of gradual and small developments

    Anju by kooo architects

    Small, weak and gentle objects gathered and linked together, becoming a strong space.