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  • Shoot with iPhone, witness my life (2018) by Yimeng Bai

    iPhone as a friend to record with

    Stage Nabucco by?Didzis Jaunzems Architecture

    Translate the historical libretto into the modern language of the theater.

    Basilica di Siponto by Edoardo Tresoldi

    Bridge to the historic memory.

    Landscapes by Daniel Koh

    The tranquil sceneries

    Installation Pyramid Sphere and Pyramid Tube by Cyril Lancelin (town and concrete)

    An experience on matter and form

    Persona Mask Series by Siba Sahabi

    Masks as personal expression in the digital era.

    The Way We Were exhibition by Keith Macgregor

    A photographic journey to the 70’s and 80’s of Hong Kong

    gooood book “Demain: un nouveau monde en marche”

    (Only Chinese)What should we do, if we witness the end of the world?

    gooood archive: “Guangdong” NO.2 (2017-2018)

    Selected projects in Guangdong, China in 2017-2018

    gooood archive: “Shanghai” NO.2 (2012-2018)

    Selected projects in Shanghai, China in 2012-2018

    gooood archive: “Beijing ” NO.6 (2015-2018)

    Selected projects in Beijing (2015-2018)

    Resting Animals by Front

    Special design that brings peace of mind to space

    751 International Design Festival Opens during Beijing Design Week 2018

    “Delicious Design”

    PEK-MEX: from the Middle Kingdom to the Middle of the Moon exhibition by MSTDI

    Interactive Exhibition brings Beijing and Mexico City closer than ever

    Boolean Operator by MARC FORNES/THEVERYMANY

    reproduce the science fiction world of Verne in the city

    Nefos by Na?ve People Design

    transforming the non-material lifestyle into a physical depiction

    Surreal Architecture by Matthias Jung

    A strange world full of imagination and beautiful as in a fairy tale (images updated)

    The space between pages, China by Mur Mur Lab

    An installation that you can play with