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    Shanghai Intelligent Medical Islands Urban design

    Highly efficient urban planning with spiral structure.

    Get-project information

    (Only in Chinese) New projects looking for designers.

    Gloriette Guesthouse by noa*

    A travel through time

    Biotope by SHJWORKS

    A living structure with architectural qualities

    每周評論精選2018.10.13 – 2018.10.18

    (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last week to present different perspective.


    A sort of temporary playground in Loreto square

    Maria Antonia University Centre by UNA Arquitetos

    To re-qualify the open spaces, offering a more generous linking of the complex with the city

    Marine World Museum, Visitors and Investigation Center, Do?ana National Park by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

    An isolated and unique building, half buried with respect to the highest points of a dune site

    Dream Apartment – 2018 C·Design International Architectural Design Competition

    Create future residential products, offering construction samples for future cities.

    Pedal Path in Barcelona by Batlle i Roig Architectes

    A small surgical operation to connect metropolitan territory

    Panama Rainforest Discovery Center And Observation Tower by ENSITU

    To protect and admire birds and other wild fauna in the tropical rainforest

    每周評論精選2018.09.28 – 2018.10.12

    (Only in Chinese) selected comments of the last two weeks to present different perspective.


    the growth green roof in urban village

    The Heart in Ikast by C.F. M?ller Architects

    Building with room for everyone

    Time Enjoying Park, Changchun, China?by?Partner Design Studio

    A wonderland for children full of imagination.

    Second stage of Hangzhou Cloud Town Exhibition Center, China by Approach Design

    Start with the exhibition, but not just the exhibition

    NO-BOUNDARY Toilet china by ZHUBO-AAO

    no-boundary toilet hide behind greening surrounded

    Three landscape nodes of Longmeiwan “Abstract Gallery”, China by Yin Peiru Architecture Studio

    Immersed in the sea view of Longmei Bay Tourist Area